Hunters saved after falling into Trinity River— brought to safety with trophy pig in hand!

WILMER, Texas — Four men were rescued Tuesday morning after falling into the Trinity River while hunting in Wilmer, Texas. It goes to say, they didn’t leave the hunt empty handed.

The group — accompanied by rescuers and up to eight hunting dogs — emerged around 3:15 a.m. after being stranded for nearly two hours. In hand, they carried the trophy head of pig.

Investigators said the hunters was chasing a feral pig into the woods near Mallory Bridge Road and the river around 1 a.m. when they all fell into the water.  The group claims they were forced to swim a distance before crawling their way back into the riverbank, where they realized they were lost.

The men called 911 for help, launching a land and water search that included the Wilmer Police Department, local fire department and other agencies. The group was eventually found using the GPS collars on the men’s hunting dogs, investigators said.

A DPS chopper guided officers on the ground through thick brush and to the stranded men.

Investigators said the men were cold but didn’t need to go to the hospital.