Attack on Kansas gas clerk caught on tape

By, Taylor Berry

KANSAS— A gas station argument turned physical after an employee confronted the man who had been harassing her.

Surveillance video shows the fed-ex clerk step around the corner and hit the man with a bottle. The man can then be seen dragging the clerk outside by the hair and punching her. At one point the man seems to stop and talk to the woman he was with and continue beating the clerk.

When the clerk finally got up she realized that the doors to the building automatically locked and she couldn’t get back in. As she went around the corner the man followed her and punched her again before driving away.

The employee was beaten so badly that she spent several days in the hospital, suffering from a broken jaw and nose over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Other employees at the gas station said they recognized the man who frequents the location.

The manager, Darlene Wawassuc describes the clerk as being the sweetest girl and also thought of her as a friend. “Every time I look at the video I get more angry and more angry. She had bruises all over her body. Her face was swollen. It was just senseless,” said Wawassuc.

The manager and the owner of the gas station said that they will not tolerate violence at their business and hopes the video will help police find the attacker.