Conroe ISD student attacked by strange man while waiting at bus stop, deputies say

CONROE, Texas — Conroe families have been asked to keep an eye out for a suspicious person after a student was attacked by a strange man while waiting at her bus stop early Wednesday, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to CISD police, the student was standing at a bust stop near Brook Hollow Drive and Glen Forest Drive around 5:50 a.m. when a man approached her from behind. The man, who believed to be in his 30s, said something to the girl and she responded, yelling no. The victim was then thrown to the ground.

Investigators said the girl fought off the man and he left the area in a beige-colored car. Students approaching the bus stop saw what happened and called 911.

CISD officers are investigating the incident, and police are actively patrolling the area.

Anyone with information related to the incident should call CISD police dispatch at 936-709-8911. Tips can also be reported anonymously using the CISD KidChat hotline at 1-888-KidChat (543-2428).

Be on the look out! Montgomery County deputies share safety tips for students and families

For students…

  • Don’t talk to strangers.
  • Try to stay with a buddy.
  • If someone attempts to grab you, scream, yell, run, or make noise to alert bystanders and report it to an adult immediately. Run to your house or a neighbor’s house that you know. If there is a police officer in the area, tell the officer what has happened.
  • Immediately report an incident to the local law enforcement (911).

For families…

  • If you see suspicious activity, try to observe and report the license plate numbers and a description of the vehicle and person.
  • To report suspicious activity, contact both the Conroe ISD Police Department 936-709-8911 and the local law enforcement agency.
  • Please continue to speak with your children about these and other general safety precautions.