Liberty County homeowner finds burglar hiding in son’s closet while fixing broken pipe, deputies say

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas — A Liberty County homeowner found an alleged burglar hiding in the closet of his child’s bedroom on Black Friday while repairing a broken water pipe at his house.

Mike Even, 59, has been arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation. Investigators said the suspect had been in hiding inside the family’s home on CR 1413 wrapped in a blanket for several hours before being discovered.

According to deputies, the homeowner set out to fix the pipe around 8:30 a.m. after noticing water pressure throughout the house was extremely low. He worked on the repair until mid-day when his son came home and found wet clothes in his bedroom, along with several items thrown around the room. Moments later, the homeowner heard a suspicious noise coming from a nearby closet.

Fearful of opening the door, the sheriff’s office said the family called deputies who found Even.

It turned out the suspect stood on and broke the water pipe while crawling through a bedroom window in the early morning, deputies said. Even then allegedly looted the bedroom for valuables. He hid in the closet to avoid the family.

After being discovered by officers, HSCO said he was arrested without resistance.