Behind the Lens: A revisit of Hurricane Harvey and those in the trenches bringing you the news

HOUSTON -- How can any of us forget? It was just three months ago when Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas, and places it touched, have not been the same since.

But strangely, despite the structural devastation, some say the changes have been --for some -- for the better. For a moment in time, the news headlines shifted from the normal doom and gloom, and became centered on the strength and resilience of the people --specifically those in the Houston area -- who banned together and fought hard in an effort to weather the storm.

News reporters, producers and other media staff members became part of the "Team No Sleep" regime, working around the clock during scary conditions to help keep the public informed.

Here at NewsFix was no different, and most of our crew could not even make it in to work. Still, they grabbed camera equipment, smartphones and any other device available to make sure the news reached the viewers in need.

Take a look as we share some of our stories, and always, remember we are #HoustonStrong and #TexasStrong.