Collin County’s pink fire truck is in Farmersville helping those with illnesses!

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FARMERSVILLE, Texas — If you`ve driven by the Farmersville Fire Department in the last few weeks - you might have noticed Vicki!

'It`s more about supporting the women and not the cause."

Farmersville firefighter Kevin Lisman, and Vicki, are part of the non profit Collin county Chapter of The Pink Heals national tour. It started about 10 years ago and is focused on supporting those in need.

"It`s gotten so big and busy that they`ve allowed certain counties and all that if they want to to start up their own chapter," says Lisman. "We work with the local fire departments and all that, we show up lights and sirens, make a lot of noise and surprise the person [...] we let people sign the truck if you`ve been affected by cancer of had a family member or anybody that you know close that has been affected by cancer you sign the truck in remembrance of them, some of the signatures have faded into the truck, as they fade into it they become a part of that truck and just stay with it forever."

But for Kevin - this isn`t just about marker on a vehicle.

"Well, my wife is a six year breast cancer survivor so it`s personal to us," says Lisman.

So last summer - before the Collin County chapter formed - she met "a Vicki."

"She`s seen this for several years and she`s always wanted to do it so," says Lisman, "We surprised her at the school with it and it`s really neat."

So if someone you know would like a surprise visit from Vicki - you have through this weekend to catch it in Farmersville.

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