Body shaming Maren Morris? Not smart

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.  -- If you're gonna mess with a woman, Maren Morris really isn't the one!

On a resume that already includes a pair of New Artist awards and a Grammy, add Twitter clapback queen for the rising country star!

Morris posted a bikini-clad vacation pic Thursday, and of course one Twitter troll had to try to ruin it.

"Please tell me you didn't get a boob job? Fake boobs are disgusting," the apparent expert on women tweeted at the 27-year-old.

That's when our girl went full Seinfeld. We're talking the "They're real, and they're spectacular," treatment!

"Not that it would be any of your business, but I didn't," she responded. "But guess what? You just won a meet & greet of your choice so you can come and say that to my face!"

For her fans and fellow artists, the clapback was music to their ears.

Think he'll actually show? Our bet's on no, but for a lot of fans, the word 'Hero' now means a lot more than just the title of her debut album.