Stolen Ferrari is found because the thief can’t afford gas and doesn’t know how to fill’er up!

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SANTA ANA, Calif. - Chances are, if you own a Ferrari, you can afford fill up the fuel tank. But not the guy asking strangers for gas money at a California gas station.

Surveillance video shows police approache the man who tried to steer clear by hiding in some nearby bushes, but they arrested him on the spot.  Needless to say, 38-year-old Israel Perez Rangel and his female companion were not the rightful owners of the $340,000 ride.

It was stolen two weeks prior from the Ferrari and Maserati Service Center in Newport Beach.   Edward York was totally unaware when he showed up to pick up his girlfriend's car.

"I was sitting there for about an hour and they were all running around looking like crazy. And then they come and say sir, your car has been stolen."

The car had been missing for 27 hours and no one had a clue!!   The shop's surveillance footage showed Rangel simply walked in, found the keys on the front seat and drove it right out of the gate.

No longer luxurious, the car was totally trashed inside and out.

"I think they must have been living in it. Doing drugs in it. There was drugs all over. They ripped out the dash. They chopped the dash. They tore the paddle-shifters off," York said.

The crime was fast. The victim? Furious!

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