Budweiser’s trying to make beer on Mars happen

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HAWTHORNE, Calif. -- Forget Air Bud. It's time for Space Bud! As in, Budweiser beer in space!

That's right! Budweiser wants to be the first ever "Bud on Mars." But they're not just going to send a million cases of beer on a rocket to the red planet and call it a day. They have to start small.

Budweiser is sending barley up to space on SpaceX in early December! So they might actually be one step closer to making this happen!

Their "out of this world" project will stay in orbit for about a month, then come back to Earth, where they'll study the barley to see how it reacted to low gravity and other space things.

The other ingredients that make beer may be a different story, but Budweiser vows to have the brew space ready by the time humans colonize the planet.

To borrow from Neil Armstrong: One small step for man, one giant toast for mankind! Talk about space goals!

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