‘Not-so-happy’ holidays! HPD releases video of ‘The Grinch’ seen burglarizing cars in Houston area

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HOUSTON — Surveillance video has been released of a suspect, dubbed “The Grinch,” who’s wanted for committing multiple holiday-spirit stealing acts of crime.

The suspect is described only as a green-faced individual wearing a Santa hat, Santa shirt and green tights. He has been described as having furry hands and feet.

The Grinch has been spotted at retailers throughout the Houston area committing burglaries of motor vehicles, thefts at gas stations and other crimes.

HPD warns prevention and avoidance is the key to not falling victim to the Grinch. Citizens are urged to heed to following safe shopping tips:

This suspect was first identified by a retailer’s group in Houston called the GHLPA, or the Greater Houston Loss Prevention Alliance. The GHLPA is comprised of loss prevention representatives with Kroger, H-E-B, Fiesta, Target, Randalls, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Macy’s, Sam’s, Weingarten and Dollar General. During the holiday season, stores have reported an increase in the number of thefts reported by their customers.