Holiday shopping safety tips: How to keep a Grinch from breaking into your car

HOUSTON - The Grinch who hates Christmas ruins the whole Christmas season.  Just don't ask us why, no one quite knows the reason.

The Grinch is in Houston, lurking round shops and parked lots hoping to steal all your valuables, even your presents for tots.

The police say be ready; don't go fast and not think.

Or a Grinch might take from you and your Christmas will stink.

Cops found this green burglar at Target in the Heights.

They gave him new bracelets, but he didn’t think it was nice?

So learn the lesson today, before it's too late.

The Grinch may have a heart, but it's the size of a grape.

So hide all you stuff when you exit the car.

And the possessions you prize. Might actually stay, just right where they are.