NewsFix in Space: Beer brewing on Mars, zero-gravity pizza party on ISS and more! 

HOUSTON — And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

In today's adventure, we go to the planet Mars to create an out of this world brew.

Budweiser hopes to be the first beer on Mars, so Annheuser-Busch is launching 20 Budweiser barley seeds into outer space via a Space X rocket. It's all part of a joint-project with the Center for Advancement of Science in Space.

The barley seeds will travel to the International Space Station and then stay in orbit for a month before coming back down to earth for some in-depth analysis.

If all goes well, we'll learn exactly how to brew beer on the Red Planet.

Yeah, this Bud's for you, Martians!

Of course, you can't have beer without pizza, and these astronauts aboard the ISS decided to dig into a little pizza party at 'zero gravity.'

Yeah, that’s one way to get a pizza fix!

But a little warning: pizza might take a little longer to cook in space.

But in space, it's hard to call out for delivery!

Finally, ever wonder what a Super Moon looks like from outer space?

Well, here you go! NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik tweeted this view of the Super Moon rising over Mongolia as seen from the ISS.

And just to show how small the ISS looks from outer space, take a peek at this shot of the space station as it passed over the moon.

It sure looks like a tiny speck of space dust.

Makes you wonder if maybe there's something more to all those other specks up there?

Until next time, keep watching the skies, and keep watching NewsFix in Space!