WATCH: Andrew White, Texas governor candidate, speaks about campaign

Andrew White is addressing the public for the first time since announcing his candidacy in the Democratic primary race for Texas governor. 

HOUSTON — Andrew White, son of former Texas Governor Mark White, has entered the race for governor of Texas. The 45-year-old entrepreneur announced his candidacy in the Democratic primary on Wednesday.

White believes Texas is on the wrong track under decades of Republican control.

“I’m a common sense Democrat who has the best chance of beating Governor Abbott and getting Texas back on track,” said White. “WIth a career in business, I’ve never spent a day as a politician, and I won’t play political games. I’m running, as Sam Houston said, to do right and risk the consequences.”

On the economy, White believes Texas is coming up short on pro-growth policies. On health care, since Texas leads the nation with the most uninsured, he wants to expand access to health coverage, which will significantly reduce costs. On immigration, White believes it’s inhuman to throw Dreamers out of the country. On education, he is calling for a $5,000 teacher raise paid for by closing the $5 billion “Equal and Uniform” property tax loophole.

“Our state’s leadership has screwed up its priorities with a focus on job-killing bathroom bills and taking away school lunches,” added White. “I’ll listen to voters — all voters — and address what’s impacting them and their families.  And, while doing it, I’ll treat others with respect — something that’s missing in state government today.”