JJ Watt experiencing last night’s snowfall is all of us in Houston

HOUSTON — Houston, we finally have a snow day! In a way, we’ve become used to it: walking through the “winter” weather in our shorts and tank top, meanwhile our more northern neighbors snuggle up in knit scarves and thick hats.

When the snow starts to fall in New England, we shrug our shoulders. It’s geography, what can you do? (I guess, you could move…but Houston’s winter temperatures are too awesome.)

And then it starts to snow seemingly everywhere in Texas, except Houston. And we think: seriously, weather! That’s just disrespectful.

At last, snow came to the Houston area Thursday night, landing everywhere from Missouri City to Friendswood to Kingwood. Even the grumpiest residents were smiling ear to ear; children ran through the streets and tiny snowmen could be seen on car hoods abound.

One of our favorite reactions: JJ Watt twirling around like a elementary school kid on Twitter. It’s a moment that perfectly captured how most of us were feeling experiencing actual snow in Houston. (Not hail or sludgy, dirt-filled stuff that happens every so often.)

Yes, JJ! The day has come.