Keep safe! Tips for drivers, pet owners weathering Houston cold freeze

HOUSTON — The Texas Department of Transportation and the Houston SPCA has some safety tips for drivers and pet owners as the could weather continues to drop into freezing temperatures.

Danny Perez of TxDOT said crews are on standby, ready to take action if road conditions worsen.

To keep yourself and others on the roadways safe, Perez recommends driving about 10-20 mph slower than usual and maintaining a safe distance between you and the driver ahead. Paying full attention to the road width and putting your cell phones away is also important.

Houston SPCA Director of Communications Julie Kuenstle recommends keeping all pets indoors during cold weather freezes.

If pets have to stay outside, the SPCA recommends using a well-insulated dog house that is wind- and water-resistant and elevated to keep the water out and your pets dry.

Water and food bowls left outside should also be plastic instead of metal because animal’s tongues can get stuck to metal bowls in extreme temperatures.