Woman engaged to 90-year-old chandelier

By: John Brewer

United Kingdom resident and bride-to-be Amanda Liberty is engaged to a 90-year-old chandelier that she picked up off eBay.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Liberty said that as soon as she saw the lumière on eBay, she knew it was the one for her.

Liberty paid $500 to ship it from Germany back to her home in Leeds.

Last Valentine's Day, Liberty proposed to "her" shiny, dazzling partner. At some point, she hopes the two will have a commitment ceremony.

The bride-to-be said she loves kissing and cuddling with her sweet lady of light each and every night before bed.  She's even traveled to the US six times to gaze longingly at the 305-foot tall monument.

We'll let you know when Liberty and her chandelier set a wedding date.