HPD: Three arrested for kidnapping man who borrowed $20K to buy drugs after deal falls through

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HOUSTON— The Houston Police Department have arrested three men in connection to a kidnapping after a drug deal did not go according to plan.

Edwin Cotton allegedly borrowed a total of $20,000 from Jamhal Davis, 30, JeCorey Harris, 26, and Matthew Jones, 27, in order to purchase drugs.

According to police, Cotton used the money for other unknown reason and when asked to return it, he could only payback $7,000 of what was owed. In an effort to recoup their funds, investigators said the men kidnapped Cotton and forced him to rent a room at the Scottish Inn at 3331 Antoine Dr. Two of the three men stayed in the room with Cotton while the third man stayed in the car.

Cotton was told to call his brother and instruct him to bring the rest of the money. However, police said Cotton’s brother immediately called law enforcement and told officers his brother’s whereabouts.

Police arrived at the motel around 11 p.m. and detained all the suspects.

They have each been charged with aggravated kidnapping.