Man sentenced to 40 years for brutally assaulting Conroe police officer

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HOUSTON — Maycol Douglas Lagos-Villadares, a man convicted in the brutal 2015 assault of a Conroe police officer, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.  On Thursday, the defendant was convicted of first-degree aggravated assault of a public servant.

Officer Michael Chapman was pinned between two vehicles while responding to an alarm at the West End Roofing lot at Interstate 45 and FM 1488 on Dec. 26, 2015. Investigators said a brown pickup truck drove straight into the officer as he was attempting to pursue the suspects.

In the process, the truck rammed his drivers’ side door and pinned Champan’s left leg between the door and the frame of his vehicle. The shattered both his fibula and tibia during the crash.

Officers responded to the scene, and based upon the description provided by Chapman, were able to locate the truck the following morning across the highway from the incident. The vehicle was loaded down with the same make of roofing shingles that had been found at the scene of the assault.

Conroe Police Department detectives were fortunate to locate two of the individuals involved at the Burlington Coat Factory, who were in the store at the precise moment the detectives were there in order to determine if there was any video footage of the incident.

During the five day trial, jurors heard at least 15 witness accounts and a testimony from Chapman about the assault.

The jury disregarded the defendant’s testimony that he had an alibi the night of the assault because the Defendant’s phone records put his GPS location within a half mile during the same time as the assault.

Lagos-Villadares is documented MS-13 gang member and allegedly had participated in no fewer than four more thefts of roofing shingles.

Prosecutor Vince Santini argued that “a danger to the badge is a danger to everyone. Because the Defendant was trying to gain notoriety with the MS-13 street gang by injuring a police officer, Officer Chapman missed out on helping 3,000 victims due to his one year of recovery.”