Rapper turned tech entrepreneur Chamillionaire visits Worthing High School students

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HOUSTON—You may recognize Grammy award-winning Houston rapper Chamillionaire from his music, but these days he spends his time as a tech entrepreneur.

The rapper held a panel discussion for HISD seniors at Worthing High School to share his success and expose students to industry experts.

"When you're an African American kid they teach you, or we believe, the only thing we can be is a basketball player or a rapper. But the truth is most people aren't going to have success at that, but you can go out and build your own company, you can go out there and learn how to code," said Chamillionaire.

Already a savvy businessman from his early years of selling mix-tapes, he's made a mark in the tech world. The rapper-turned- founder of mobile video app Convos also has a Los Angeles venture capital firm called Upfront Ventures.

"I think it's very important that we start early and put that in these kids minds so that they go out and be the next generation of entrepreneurs and, maybe one day, some person in this room ends up being the next Mark Zuckerberg," said Chamillionaire.

The panel, which was organized by the Communities In Schools of Houston, featured guests from Spotify and Live Nation.

"It was an opportunity for me as a minority to be exposed to the greatness of African Americans who have made it and come back to give wisdom to the young'ns who are now about to join the business of marketing and entertainment," said Worthing Senior Ricky Specht.