BBWs outraged over skinny models in plus size pantyhose ad

HOUSTON—The plus size community is outraged at the online shopping site after a series of ads promoting their new plus size pantyhose line went viral.

The ad shows a skinny model standing in a pair of plus size hose and stretching them to capacity with her forearms. Plus size women from all over took to social media demanding that the company remove the ads immediately and issue an apology.

@redheadedkate07 Tweeted “Today in New Ways to Inspire Eating Disorders, the “Women are Getting Too Confident” Edition: Encouraging plus size women to imagine how many skinny models fit into their tights as a basis for a decision to purchase.”

@brooklynsalis Tweeted “I don’t agree with that. I understand they’re trying to give an example of how large the tights are but it’s like they’re also trying to shame plus size woman at the same time. They could use someone that actually fits them. Or would they be embarrassed? 🤔🙄

@robynlisaflynn Tweeted “So I’m shopping online for plus size tights, and in the pictures for the advertised tights are pictures of regular sized models using their arms to stretch them out as far as they can. Gee, thanks internet.”

To make matters worse, it was revealed that the company did not create the ad. They actually stole it!

The original ad was used by a UK Ebay Ad to advertise Super Elastic Magical Stockings. Wish stole the pictures and used them without Ebay’s consent.
The company have yet to release a statement of apology to the plus size community and have not commented on the stolen pictures at this time.