Displaced residents march on City Hall to demand funds for housing help post-Harvey

HOUSTON - Over three months after Hurricane Harvey's devastating impact, many Houstonians are still dealing with major housing set backs.  On Tuesday, they took their frustrations to City Hall.

"All we want for Christmas is housing, housing!" the crowd chanted.

"What do we want?"

"More money!"

"When do we want it?"


Members of the Texas Organizing Project and other allied groups joined forces to march on City Hall, demanding more funds from Mayor Sylvester Turner and City Council to help families still trying to recover from the crippling storm.

"Everyone deserves safe and healthy, affordable place to stay," Texas Housing Project's Feldon Bonner II told the crowd.

The displaced residents say a lack of funding has stalled repairs on the tens of thousands of apartments and houses damaged by Harvey, leaving many homeowners and tenants out in the cold -- or in moldy homes.

"Three months out after Hurricane Harvey, many families are doing their best to manage what we would call true crisis situations," Bonner explained. "We have discovered many families, even with young children, who have mold actually growing on their lungs. They have all sorts of respiratory infections. Families that have nowhere to go, and families who are being subjected to living in moldy, hazardous apartments and even in homes that are still on somebody's waiting list."

The people want city leaders to fight for the Disaster Housing Assistance Program to help offset rising rent costs.

"We want a 'yes' vote from our City Council in reference to the GLO (General Land Office) contract," Bonner added. "We need that today, done today!"

"We have got to get help to the people," City Councilman at Large Michael Kubosh said. "I think the money should have immediately been given out to those in need. Cut 'em a check! They gave us cash, give the people cash!"

At the end of the day, displaced residents just want to get their lives back to where they were before the storm.

And all of us want that.