HPD: Dangling bridge piece wreaks havoc near Heights area— four 18-wheelers split open!

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HOUSTON — Houston police are investigating after a hanging beam split through the cargo tops of four 18-wheelers like a can opener early Wednesday near the Heights area, the department said.

In total, five 18-wheelers were involved.

Investigators said a large truck with a backhoe tractor loaded onto its flatbed — making the load higher than the bridge’s 14 feet 6 inch clearance — struck an overpass for Houston Avenue over I-10 around 1 p.m. The collision caused a large chuck of the bridge’s metal beam to bend downward, police said.

Not noticing the dangling piece of metal, four additional 18-wheelers passed through the overpass and the trucks’ tops were sheared and split off.  On one truck, the sides were completely falling apart. There was also major damage to the bridge.

The Texas Department of Transportation are set to come out and determine the safety of the bridge, and a welder had to cut off the dangling piece of metal. Additional crews have been scheduled to come out in the future for further repair, the department said.

No reports of anyone being injured.

The following are images taken at the scene: