Make A Wish Foundation builds tree house for 7-year-old boy with pediatric brain cancer

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HOUSTON—It's every kid's dream to one day live in a treehouse in their backyard. For 7-year-old Gus, it was his one wish this year, after he was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer.

His mother, Kelly Maxson said Gus has a rare, genetic disorder that makes him susceptible to cancers.

"He had a rough time for a while, but he took it like a champ," Maxson said.

After several months of planning, a week's worth of building and a little white lie-- on Friday afternoon, Christmas came early for Gus.

"We told him we were painting our bedroom and the fumes were too bad so he couldn't come in and he spent the night at some friends-- he never questioned it. It's so incredible to see all these people putting in all this work just for him," Maxson said.

What started as a simple vision, sketched from Make A Wish Foundation team members, turned into a reality and so much more, thanks to building partners, McCarthy Building Companies.

"He wanted it to be red and he wanted some Batman stuff and a fan. But then the McCarthy people were like let's do a trap door, let's do lights," Yvonne Worzel, a Wish Granter with Make A Wish Foundation said.

"Here's a little boy that's gone through a lot and this is just a light that we can give him. It just so happens to be Christmas time," John Banks, Project Superinterdent at McCarthy Building Companies said.

Dreams really do come true sometimes and for Gus, it means the world.

"I'm a cancer survivor also and so we have that in common. He knows that he can survive cancer because mommy did," Maxson said.

"I like tree houses but I've never had one. Definitely a good day. Thank you," Gus said.