Time to throw a lil’ political shade…Omarosa’s out of the White House!

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Omarosa's out of the White House. Let the trash talk begin!

Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts threw as “Bye Felicia” after the ousted White House aide's interview with Michael Strahan.

So in true drama queen fashion, Omarosa is declaring a “black woman civil war” on Roberts, calling her "petty" for the post interview dis.

Yet, on ABC's Nightline, Omarosa added another reason for leaving which some might call petty, saying, “There was a lack of diversity that I will acknowledge and at times it was very lonely because at times a majority of them were white men with their own agendas.”

According to the most recent White House Aide with the title “Assistant to the President,” salary disclosure last July listed six of 22 presidential aides were women -- and Omarosa was actually the only racial minority. Who knew?

Charles Barkley's is putting his money where his political mouth is. Or is that his foot?

The NBA star pledged a million bucks to help minority women in Alabama to start up Internet and tech businesses, saying, “That does not mean hair salons and restaurants, black women, that means start ups.

Even his co-hosts didn't like that shot from Barkley. Don't make us call a foul on a good message like that!

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