More than 500 Christmas trees being given away to families affected by Hurricane Harvey Sunday

It's the season of giving and this year, Santa is going all out to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"I got a call from a friend and we put the event together in a week's notice," volunteer PJ Simiens said.

A last minute call from the King of Christmas- a large retailer based out of New York- turned into a scramble to get the word out.

A group of guys, including comedian King Keraun and Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, are now helping give away 500+ Christmas trees this Sunday to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"The trees range in size from three to nine feet. Some of them are flocked, some of them have lights. Right now is the time to keep the spirits up, keep the holiday and there's nothing better to do that than having a brand new Christmas tree in your house," Simiens said.

Anyone that's interested in getting a brand new tree in their home this holiday season can show up at the warehouse on 13840 Pike Road, Stafford, TX 77849 from 2 to 6 PM Sunday.

"It's first come first serve. Be there early, on time, and we'll just be handing out trees," Simiens said.