Bill O’Brien: “I will never quit as the head football coach of the Houston Texans”

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HOUSTON - Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien firmly declared he had no intentions of leaving Houston any time soon.

"I will never quit as the head football coach of the Houston Texans, ever," O'Brien said Monday.

A CBS Sports report claimed multiple sources close to O'Brien and Texans GM Rick Smith felt "a split is imminent."

When asked about the reports, O'Brien focused on his role of coaching the team.

"All I'm worried about is this team. All I'm worried about is this team and this coaching staff. That's really all I really care about," O'Brien said. "I'm in there grinding, watching tape. I have to come in here and answer the questions. I'll never resign as the head football coach of the Houston Texans. I don't know where these - I didn't even read the story, I was told about it a little bit. I'm not sure where they come from. I think probably the best thing to do would be to ask the person who wrote it. Wouldn't that be the smartest thing to do? To ask the person who wrote it where they get their info."

[Bonus footage: Amid reports Bill O’Brien could be on his way out of Houston, O’Brien said Monday there’s no way he’d quit as head coach of the Texans.]

O'Brien has one year left on his contract, and he wouldn't speculate on whether the team would offer him an extension.

"That's up to Bob (McNair). That's not up to me. I don't get into the hopeful. I don't get into that. That's up to one guy. I have no control over that."

O'Brien also said he has a "good relationship" with Rick Smith. The Texans next host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Christmas Day.

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