Florida mall fight caught on camera

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FORT MYERS, Fl. —Holiday shopping can mean fighting through crowds and long lines, but it never should include an actual brawl! A group at the Edison Mall in Fort Meyers, Florida apparently didn't get that memo.

"There was a lot of yelling. I couldn't understand what they were saying though. I mean, there was just so many of them,” said witness David Milburn.

Millburn shot the viral video just a few feet away from a group of women who were beating on two others. During all of this, there were children involved. The girl was down, and she pulled the baby over and kicked her in her face and took off running -- left the baby,” said Milburn.

A man standing nearby grabbed onto the stroller.

“The baby was there all by itself, you know, so he stood there to try and kind of make sure I guess nothing happened to the child,” Milburn said.

Women involved in the fight think it was fueled by the murder of Samuel Jones, who was shot and killed in a nearby neighborhood. One of the victims in the fight says a man approached her as the aggressor and referenced Jones' murder, saying, "his blood's on you."

It's crunch time for last minute holiday gifts and this fight has raised concerns on safety measures at the Edison Mall.

"They need to step up their game it's a big mall. A lot of stuff can happen,” said Milburn.