Healthcare enrollment extended for victims of Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON - There are so many after-Christmas specials available, here's one we might as well call the Hurricane Harvey blue-plate special. It combines the hurricane with healthcare, but it's a limited time offer.  Plus, it's only possible because the recently signed tax bill repeals the mandate requiring people to buy insurance or face a tax penalty.

You may recall, repealing and replacing Obamacare was a key campaign promise for Trump. Now that the tax bill has been signed and POTUS has a major legislative victory under his belt, he's turning his attention back to healthcare.  Tuesday's tweet promises bipartisan cooperation, along with his strong opinion.

He says, "The fact that the very unfair and unpopular individual mandate has been terminated as part of our tax cut bill, which essentially repeals Obamacare, Democrats and Republicans will eventually come together and develop a great new healthcare plan!"

Here's how that Hurricane Harvey special works.

If you're a victim of Harvey and you don't have health insurance, you still have time to purchase an Obamacare plan for next year without penalty. But not much time!

The process starts with visiting and completing a 2018 application, by Dec. 31.

According to FEMA, 15.8 million Texans, 60% of the population, live in counties eligible for the hurricane special enrollment extended period. If you're one of them, you'll need to prove a couple things:

Living in one of the affected counties currently, or at the time of the hurricane and being unable to complete enrollment because of Harvey.  Texans who meet the deadline won't have to pay a fine on their 2018 taxes.

Bottom line, if you still need to enroll, you still have time to git 'er done!

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