How about a high-five?! Citizens receive priceless ‘holiday safety’ gifts from Precinct 4 deputies

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s Office were out in full force, educating citizens of Precinct 4 on how to become a harder target for criminals during the holiday season.

Several days leading up to Christmas, deputies hosted a Holiday Patrol Initiative by checking over 800 parking lots in north Harris County and informing over 1,800 citizens about crime prevention tips for holiday safety.

For extra precaution, deputies issued out over 1,000 Burglary to Motor Vehicle Prevention report cards and over 2,000 Crime Prevention handouts to protected citizens.

Don’t worry if you missed the opportunity to get your vehicle report card and crime prevention handout, deputies are proud to say that this gift will be given to citizens throughout the New Year!

Check out the slideshow below to see how deputies stood strong to their motto: Proudly Serving the Citizens of Precinct 4.