“Get ready to die!” West Virginia grandma foils break-in attempt at her home on Christmas Eve

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PUTNAM COUNTY, West Virginia - If this were a movie, we'd call it, "Granny Get Your Gun!"  That's exactly what one West Virginia grandma did when she heard someone trying to pry open her bedroom window.

It happened early in the morning on Christmas Eve.

"I couldn't believe it," said Bonnie Gatens. "I just didn't believe it."

Gatens is a self-described "tough old lady."  First she called 911, then she grabbed her gun and sprang into action. She quietly went to her window and quickly opened the shade. "Get ready to die!"

The unwelcome visitor quickly jumped outta the way. "He just fell over," she laughed.

Gatens lost sight of the no-good interloper, but went with deputies on a ride-along in her neighborhood looking for that son-of-a-gun.  "I mean, if he was caught, I was gonna shoot him right at the foot of my bed. I mean give me a break!"

It was obvious the home she built with her late husband 40 years ago wasn't empty.  She says her Christmas lights were still on during that bold break-in attempt. Now she's encouraging her neighbors to keep an eye out. And even though the Putnam County deputies are on the case, she's warning the would-be robber, "He tries it again, here, I guarantee you he'll be caught."

Plenty of bravado for the gun-totin' granny. Plus, she's got a theory.  "Maybe they broke in to get one of my cookie jars, I reckon, to see if I had cookies in all of 'em!"

Gatens is keeping her sense of humor about this whole thing. But, she's keepin' her gun handy, too!

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