Houston Christmas tree recycling starts, small yard waste pick up resumes after Harvey

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HOUSTON - Christmas is done, so if you've bought a live tree, it's time to get rid of that thing. Dried out trees become a fire hazard, they need to go!

Christmas tree fires cause an average of six deaths, 16 injuries and around $15 million in damage every year, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Now, for you eager beavers in Houston that might've called 3-1-1 and got conflicting reports on whether or not Christmas tree pickup and recycling was going to happen this year, we're clearing things up.

The city suspended yard and large waste collection after Hurricane Harvey, dedicating those trucks to debris removal.   So, some folks were told it wasn't going to happen this year.

But the city's got a belated gift for you Houston.

“We will be picking up Christmas trees on your curbside, it will be on your garbage day. Take out all the ornaments, and all the decorations. We are not accepting any flocked trees. Those are not recyclable,” Irma Reyes, with the Solid Waste Management Department, informed NewsFix.

Sorry flockers, you have to find a way to get your trees to one of the city's six trash depositories.

Starting Jan. 2, the city also returns to picking up your yard trimmings and small branches; bundled neatly and no longer than 36 inches.

As far as large waste pick-up, that's still suspended.  Only things that can be picked up and loaded by hand will be collected.

If you miss the pickup date, there are 26 recycling locations all over town where you can drop it off. Happy New Year y`all!