New Year, no meat? Going vegan in 2018

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HOUSTON -- Health-related New Year's resolutions are here and, for some, becoming vegan is at the top of the list.

"I'm going to go vegan this new year starting on the first," said Christian Bennett, who plans to start her vegetarian journey in January.

Dietitian Carol Lapin says if the plant-based diet works for you, go for it, but if the main concern is your health, cut back on red meat.

"Cancer research will tell you that there is a correlation between consuming too much red meat; that's beef, lamb and pork, and an increased risk for cancer especially Colorectal Cancer," said Lapin.

If you still want to cut out "all the meat," Lapin says make sure the "plant-based way" works for your lifestyle.

Xavyance Hanfield, founder of health company The Plant Based Brotha, helps people transition with their diets.

"Anyone who is willing can stick with it," said Hanfield.  "I know people in my family and community that suffer with high blood pressure cholesterol and diabetes and, since health is wealth, let the food be the medicine."