St. Louis Family moved to Texas to get away from crime, then teenage son was gunned down

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A family says they moved out of St. Louis to Houston to get away from crime and gun violence, then the unimaginable happened.

Monica Glover told KTLA sister station KTVI in St. Louis that four months ago she and her four children made the decision to leave their hometown to get away from the rampant crime.

Glover and her young children moved in with family members in Houston, Texas, in hopes of starting their new life.

Then on Wednesday, Dec. 20, around 11 a.m., her 17-year-old son Darell Brooks was gunned down.

“My son is lying in the morgue, on Christmas,” Glover said during a phone interview. “As a mother, I never knew how this felt until now.”

According to Houston police, Brooks was walking along the sidewalk when the someone pulled up and fired multiple shots.

The person took off and Brooks was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said there is no known suspect nor motive.

“There was so much going on in St. Louis to where this is what I was worried about, somebody killing or harming my children,” Glover said. “I’ve been protecting my kids, I’ve been doing this on my own.”

Brooks was about to graduate high school, become a new father and aspired to be a paramedic.

“My son is never coming back and that’s something I gotta deal with every single day I wake up,” Glover said. “And I’m never going to get over this because that part of my life is gone forever.”

The grieving mother and her surviving children are now trying to figure out a way to put Brooks to rest. They want to bury him in St. Louis next to his grandparents but aren't able to afford his funeral arrangements.

The family has a GoFundMe campaign set up.