Texas home visited by Christmas thief, while one home in Colorado takes Christmas decorations to another level

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'Tis the season......

The Christmas music at one Texas home now has a new tone. Early Christmas Eve, Ken Lamkin's surveillance video caught someone stealing almost $400 worth of Christmas decorations from his yard.

"It reminded me of the movie 'The Grinch,' when the Grinch was going through the town, taking everybody's presents and decorations and stuff like that,” said Lamkin.

The incident is currently under investigation, but Lamkin decided to take matters into his own hands.

“We printed up some posters, put them up on some board, we wanted to keep it in the spirit of things, so we made it like a Christmas decoration. We're not going to let some Grinch steal our Christmas from us,” said Lamkin.

His yard is now dotted with six photos of the thief, and the song from the Grinch plays on repeat.

Lamkin is remaining optimistic and is still hoping for a happy ending.

“Hopefully something will happen, and it will touch his heart, and he will change. Maybe he'll return all of the things he's stolen, just like the Grinch did,” Lamkin said.

Meanwhile in Colorado, one home's decorations has caused neighbors to do a double take, and even call the police. Chris Olson is a practical joker who just wanted to have a little fun, but this joke was a huge fail. Neighbors were seeing a man hanging from the roof from their windows.

Emergency crews showed up at Olson's home, but they soon realized the man hanging from the roof is just a dummy inspired by the movie 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.’

The brains behind the Clark Griswold tribute says he might leave the dummy up until Halloween.

“My wife really didn't want me to do it this year, but I said it's an Olson tradition. My dad was a practical joker, so I kind of got a little bit of that rolled into me,” said Olson.

It's stories like these that make this a Christmas to remember.