Dick’s Sporting Goods apologizes for Astros jersey price glitch

HOUSTON — Astros jerseys are a hot ticket item after the World Series win, so when Dicks Sporting Goods posted the jerseys at a whopping price of $9.98 fans went crazy over the deal of a lifetime. The jerseys usually go for $135 to $140, and they weren’t the only thing marked down, the World Series champ’s pullovers were also being sold for $9.98.

Fans seized the opportunity and shopped in bulk. They took to Twitter to share their excitement and help spread the word to fellow Astros fans , but things quickly took a turn for the worst when Dick’s announced that they made a pricing error on the jerseys, and they would not be sold at the discounted price.

The letter stated, “We are sorry to inform you that due to a pricing error on our website, we need to cancel your order for the majestic world series jersey. In the event a pricing or promotional error occurs we reserve the right to cancel any orders that are affected by the issue.”

People were furious as the emails began to roll in canceling their orders, and Dick’s is now facing major backlash. Buyers have been angrily tweeting at Dick’s and their support on Twitter.

One person even said “I don’t understand? Why would they ruin the holidays like this? I just wanted to buy Astros gear for my family. I guess I’ll have to go to Academy from now on.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods still hasn’t made any comments on if it was an actual sale or a glitch on their site, but you know what they say…”if the deal is too good to be true…it probably is.”