Star of Hope gives homeless warm clothes, other resources as Houston prepares for freezing temperatures

HOUSTON— It's the coldest New Year’s Day since 2001, and the record cold temperatures has Star of Hope taking extra steps to make sure people living on the streets have a warm place to go.

"With the arctic front coming in the Star of Hope is on a cold weather alert, and that means that instead of just fixed times for the guys on the streets to check in, what they are doing is opening the doors 24/7,” said Star of Hope Director of Public Relations Scott Arthur.

Star of Hope already has a total of 310 men in their shelter, and they are expecting that number to possibly triple within the next few days. They’re asking for people in the community to get involved and donate.

"We could use donations of heavy coats, scarves, hats, anything to keep these guys warm,” said Arthur.

We 're not the only ones with freezing cold temperatures.

People all over the country are trying to stay warm, but at least this weather is bringing us some super cool videos like this one from Columbus, Ohio.

Instagram user Carey Sherrill gave a close up look at a bubble freezing in real time. She made the bubble using water mixed with dish soap, corn syrup, and regular sugar. The sugar in the mix creates the patterns, and the syrup keeps it from bursting.

It gets even crazier in South Dakota. Justin Frantzen soaked a shirt in boiling water, and then took it outside in the 14-degree cold. In no time, the shirt was frozen rock solid. Looks like he won't be wearing that anytime soon.

2018 is bringing us some new cold fronts, so Happy New Year and try to stay warm Houston.