Bill O’Brien plans to be back as Texans head coach next season

HOUSTON - Bill O'Brien says he expects to continue in his role as Texans head coach in 2018. At the moment, he's in discussions with the Texans ownership group on a possible contract extension.

"We're having some positive, productive talks right now," O'Brien said. "I feel very positive about the direction of the discussions, but it's ongoing."

Earlier this week, Rick Smith announced he was taking a leave of absence from his role as the team's general manager in order to help his family as his wife fights cancer. O'Brien expressed his respect for Smith's decision.

"I just want to wish Rick Smith and especially Tiffany Smith, all of our support and respect in the decision that Rick made. I think people that have been around us, we know the importance of family in our lives," O'Brien said.

As ownership looks into who will be take charge of personnel decisions for the team, O'Brien is making his opinions known in meetings with Bob and Cal McNair.

"I think the big thing for me, and I think the big thing for the McNairs, and I don't want to speak for them, is alignment-being aligned philosophically on what type of team we want," O'Brien said.

The Texans had a 4-12 record this season, their worst in the four years O'Brien has coached the team.