The ultimate tip! Houstonian gives favorite Willie G’s waiter car to get him off cold bus stop

HOUSTON - How much do you tip for good wait service at an upscale restaurant? 15%?  20%?  How about a car!?

Edward Pollard has been going to lunch at Willie G's near his Galleria-area office for years, and he always sits in the section of his favorite waiter, James.

“His personality is big, he's very conversational, he's very pleasant... he's just an overall great guy, and you can tell he takes pride in his work,” says Pollard.

And after seeing James at the bus stop over the years, in both freezing cold and sweltering heat, Pollard says, ”I just get this feeling like, you know, I could do something to help.”

So Pollard took a car that had served his family well, but now was just collecting dust, over to his friends at Elite Collision Center.

“It was a very nice act to donate the vehicle to someone who was in need. We jumped in and gotten it taken care of,” says Sam Bara, manager of Elite Collision Center.

The Oldsmobile Alero was fixed, for free, and the video of the exchange to James has gone viral.

If people want to find a deeper message in this act of kindness, it's this....

“Going into 2018, let’s think about others, a lot of time we see a lot of negativity; a lot of tit for tat between politicians and what's going on in society, and we can do a lot on our own to really impact others.  And brighten other's lives so that's what I wanted to do, " said Pollard. "And I thought this Christmas season would be the best time to start that and James would be the best person to start with."