Colorado police department creates ‘Fugitive Feud’ game show parody to catch crooks

DURANGO, Colo. - Get ready for a whole new spin for hauling crooks in!

It’s a 'Family Feud' parody to help out the long arm of the law-- it’s the 'Fugitive Feud.'

Yeah, the Durango, Colorado Police Department has come up with a creative catch on Facebook to get people excited about hunting down cold criminals.

Every week, the Durango PD posts a Family Feud-style video showcasing the town's Most Wanted.

The officer who created the new game says they wanted something just a little more exciting than an old-fashioned 'Wanted' poster.

Of course, this feud has a few you can't buzz in with your answers.

And you don't get a kiss from the host.

But, you can win some cold cash for the criminals you catch! can keep it all in the family.

Our survey says....looks like a winner!

So, let's play the Feud, everybody!