Say it ain’t so! Experts fear global chocolate extinction possible by 2050

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HOUSTON -- It's hard to imagine a world without chocolate, but here's the unfortunate reality: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says cacao plants could be nearly impossible to grow by 2050 due to rising temperatures across the globe. Meaning, in just 32 years, our favorite dessert as we know it, could become extinct.

Chocolate lovers are not happy.

"I would probably cry. I'm not even gonna lie to you," Josh Green said.

"I'd be pretty upset. I think that would deserve an explanation," Marilyn Oshman said.

This climate change crisis is nothing new. In fact, it's also posing a threat to coffee, apples and potatoes.

Researchers said they're now working on alternate ways to grow cacao trees. We guess it's a race against time to find a solution, before it's choco-late!

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