2 million jobs created in 2017, local small business owners thriving

HOUSTON - With 2017 in the history books, the Bureau of Labor Statistics published its final jobs report of the year, and things are looking up for USA.

The stock market is on fire. President Donald Trump’s Twitter account won’t let you forget it! But he also tweeted Friday morning to take credit for the new jobs, jobs, jobs!

An estimated 148,000 new jobs created in December put the U.S. economy at a growth of 2 million jobs for 2017. Lower than expected, with big box retailers under siege, and all the robots coming for our jobs; growth is good!

Unemployment also stayed at 4.1 % in December, matching a 17-year low.

According to a Ziprecruiter data analyst, the jobs most sought after by Houston employers in 2017 through their site were in sales, finance & insurance and customer service.

Sometimes, job creation is as simple as seeing something amazing in one part of the country and bringing it back with you, like the first-time small business owners of the new “Duck Donuts” in southwest Houston.

“We were on a family vacation in the outer banks of North Carolina, we saw the Duck Donuts sign out, we saw the lines, we saw the people there. As soon as the customer walks in and orders the donut, we drop it in the donut machine," said franchise owner Peter Cunningham. "We’ve got the viewing area for the kids to watch the donuts going down the line which they absolutely love. We decided we wanted to bring this to Houston."

And the business doesn’t just bring a game-changing, made-to-order donut experience to Houston, it also brings 25 to 30 jobs.

For a country that’s often said to be built on the backs of small businesses, 25 jobs here, 30 there… it all adds up!