Elite MMA instructors and members explain why it’s rated one of the best gyms in Houston

HOUSTON -- If you're looking for a new workout routine to get started on your New Year's resolution, 2018 might be the year to break a sweat at Elite MMA and learn some self-defense in the process.

"We offer boxing, Thai boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and wrestling. Martial arts develops character development, perseverance, integrity as well as physically, your endurance and your strengths," said Elite MMA co-owner Eric Williams.

The mixed martial arts facility comes fully equipped with plenty of mat space, instructors, a Cross-Fit style gym, showers and lockers. Plus, it's rated one of the best gyms in Houston on Yelp, with a 4.5 star rating or higher at every location. Members say there's nothing else in the city quite like it.

"I actually got robbed overseas and when I came back, I wanted to learn some self-defense techniques. A typical workout can get boring, whereas here, you're constantly learning new stuff, practicing those techniques," said Elite MMA memberTravis Grove.

"It's contagious and it makes you want to train more and more, and learn more and more. You want to know where you're messing up and how you can get better," said Elite MMA member Fernando Maldonado.

"What separates us from other gyms is that we're actually more like a school. We actually create martial artists," said Elite MMA co-owner Hai Nguyen.

Before you start fighting the masses to get back to the gym though, don't forget basic gym etiquette rules like wiping down equipment after using it, not walking around butt naked after a shower and putting away your cell phones!

Most gyms also have their own unique rules for members.

"Treat others with respect and the way you'd like to be treated. It makes everything so much easier," Williams said.

"We are a training facility, not a dating service so we want people to come in here and become friends, hang out and be able to contribute to one another in a martial arts sense," Nguyen said.

Other top rated gyms in Houston include Anytime Fitness on Broadway St. in Pearland, CrossFit H-Town on Silver St., CrossFit Illuminati on Oxford Park Dr., GymBowie & CrossFit Live Oak on Morgan St., and Kinitro Fitness on Bellaire Blvd.