SaberCats are ready to bring professional rugby to Houston area

HOUSTON - Professional rugby has landed in Houston! The Houston SaberCats make their debut this Saturday night at Constellation Field in Sugar Land. The SaberCats are one of seven teams in the brand new Major League Rugby (MLR).

"There's a lot to get excited about," SaberCats coach Justin Fitzpatrick said. "There's a lot of action, a lot of adrenaline. You've got big athletes, a lot of collisions, a lot of excitement."

"We have guys of all shapes and sizes, all doing the same roles-catch, pass, tackle, play both sides of the ball," SaberCats fly-half Sam Windsor said. "I think it will be different for a lot of non-rugby people expecting it to stop-start-stop-start. Rugby is a consistent game and flows for 80 minutes non-stop."

The SaberCats are starting a series of exhibition matches before starting MLR play in April.