Drop ’em — for a good cause! NYC annual no pants subway ride

NEW YORK, NY --Normally seeing someone in public without pants on would be very concerning, but not this week. New Yorkers braced the cold and lefty their pants at home for their 17th annual "No Pants Subway Ride” on Sunday.

The 'cheeky' event was started as a prank in 2002 by Charlie Todd, the founder of the comedy group, Improv Everywhere.

"It's always a fun project, and it’s really just a celebration of silliness,” said Todd.

Riders randomly hop on a subway, pants-less, and keep a straight face, and it's totally casual. You know what they say, "no pants no problems."

The event has grown so much that it has gone global with riders in over 60 cities around the world ditching their pants to participate, but remember, if you get caught with your pants down on any other day, then you've got problems!