Google sued by two former employees claiming discrimination against white conservative men

MOUNTAINVIEW, California - One tech giant may be doing a Google search for how to defend itself in court.  Two former Google software engineers are suing their old company, saying it discriminates against white people, conservatives and men.

James Damore is the senior software engineer who was fired by Google last summer after writing a controversial essay that went viral.  His 10-page memo argued intolerance for conservative political viewpoints at Google had to change.  What really set off a cyber firestorm, though,  he implied that there are fewer women in tech jobs because of female biology.

Soon after, he got canned.

David Gudeman, another white male engineer, was fired for making public comments that got him in trouble with the HR department.  Now, they're both going after the alphabet company.

The lawsuit alleges Google awarded bonuses to employees who criticized Damore.  It also says Google kept internal blacklists to prevent conservative employees from advancement opportunities. And they believe Google failed to protect workers who supported President Donald Trump.

A spokesperson for Google says the company has strong policies against workplace retaliation, harassment and discrimination.

Basically, Google is already logged in for a court fight.

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