High school swimmer saves a rival swimmer from drowning during a swim meet

OWOSSO, Michigan - A teenager hardly had time to catch his breath after swimming a medley relay during a recent swim meet in Owosso, Michigan, about an hour northwest of Detroit.

"I looked down and I see this kid just completely limp," Xavier Staubs said.

Staubs is on his high school's varsity swim team.  He's used to the sounds of screaming fans in the stands, but as he got out of the water, the screams he heard were different.  Rival swimmer Kamrin Samson was unconscious near the bottom of the pool.

Without hesitating, Xavier jumped right back in.

"My eyes were burning as I was doing this. I clawed to the bottom of the pool, lifted him up with one arm, pushed him to the surface and raised him to the surface with one arm," he explained.

A teammate, who also happens to be a certified lifeguard, helped Xavier save Kamrin.

"Kamrin had the right people there at the time to take care of him," his coach, Mike Gute, said.

Kamrin was treated and released from the hospital and, though still recovering, his mom says he plans to dive back in against the competition.  He's new to his school's team. During his very first swim meet, racing against a guy like Zavier was clearly a stroke of luck.

"I didn't care if it was a rivalry or anything. I just saw someone needed help and I instantly thought I got to save this guy," Xavier said.

This Michigan teen may not be an official super hero. But, he might just be testing the waters.

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