Lyft testing driver-less cars for CES convention in Vegas, while Pizza Hut and Toyota team up for a special delivery

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Are driver-less cars about to take over the roadways? Well, in Las Vegas, Lyft is already rolling out driver-less vehicles on the Vegas strip!

"Autonomous driving," the on-board computer announced.

"Welcome to the future!" a Lyft rep onboard announced.

"I almost died once doing the self-driving car, so these first few seconds are always a little nerve-racking," Lyft test passenger Samuel Burke joked.

For four days this week, Lyft is letting passengers attending the CES-- formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show-- be guinea pigs at trying out the new driver-less technology by calling up a Lyft using an app.

"So, you'll notice the two consoles here," the Lyft rep explained to passengers. "This one is the active view of how the vehicle perceives the world around it. And then, here is the Lyft console, and this is sort of a lightweight experience for the passenger."

The screen is meant to reassure passengers that everything is okay.

"Lane change tracking, changing lane," the computer proclaimed.

"I'm seeing the pedestrians in the crosswalk on that screen before I'm actually seeing them with my own eyes," Burke added.

Nearly 50 antennas placed along street lights on the route communicate with the technology inside the car to keep things running smoothly.

The San Francisco-based Lyft is also testing the service in Boston, and the technology could roll out nationally as early as 2019.

Meanwhile, talk about a special delivery!

It's driver-less delivery!

Pizza Hut and Toyota have partnered up to deliver fresh pizzas via a driver-less vehicle.

The companies say these could hit the road as early as 2020.

And just think how much you'll save by no longer having to tip the driver!