Social media post threatening high school shooting puts police on high alert in 8 states; turns out to be hoax

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia - With just one click, a Virginia kid is in police custody for threatening a high school shooting that had students across the country totally freaked out.

The photo posted on Snapchat Sunday night shows an arsenal of guns with the message: "Don't go to school tomorrow @MHS students. Loaded up... bout to head out."

Multiple schools across the country have the initials MHS, and districts took the threat seriously. Several schools were placed on lock down.  In at least eight states, law enforcement was on high alert.

Turns out, the message was meant for Monticello High School in Virginia.  A police forensic unit determined it was just a joke, but no one was laughing.

They traced the Snapchat to a juvenile who's now in custody. Police plan to charge the suspect with threats to commit serious bodily harm on school property, which is a felony and could mean up to 10 years behind bars.

Man, talk about not thinking things through!  The suspect's motive isn't clear, but it's safe to say, what may have started as just a way to get out of school could end with no way to get out of jail!

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