Bar Bleu’s final farewell message of ‘Karma’ to Rice Village neighbors as club closes its doors

HOUSTON -- Residents are catching hell in high rises near Rice Village.

Neighbors of the popular night club Bar Bleu received a farewell message from the club's owner Adam Kliebert.

The message in bright red paint reads, "Karma" and "Ha ha ha!" covering the parking lot and roof top of Bar Bleu, giving residents a new "view" to take in.

Kliebert took to Facebook to share photos of his artwork and excitement to finally be rid of the place citing, "what goes around comes around" after years of feuding with nearby residents.

Kliebert recently sold the property to developers who plan to build a 20-story high rise in its place. The new building will ultimately block the views of Robinhood residents, giving Kliebert the final laugh.

Neighbors told NewsFix they don't mind the high rise or the construction it will bring as long as the club is gone.