Warrant issued for Harris County vehicle inspector accused of fraud

A warrant has been issued for Wilbert Weldon Criswell, 51. He is charged with tampering with a governmental document.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — The Harris County Constable’s Office is searching for a man accused of committing vehicle inspection fraud.

The constable’s emissions task force conducted an investigation at the Redi Lube State Inspection in the 10000 block of N. Houston Rosslyn Road. Investigators said Wilbert Weldon Criswell, 51, was using a procedure called “clean scanning” in order to get numerous vehicles approved.

The fraudulent inspections were conducted over a one year period, the constable’s office said.

A warrant has been issued for Criswell’s arrest.

He is charged with tampering with a governmental record.

“This type of criminal activity contributes to health threatening pollution,” Constable Mark Herman said in a release. “In addition, it affords the opportunity for unsafe vehicles to be driven on a public roadway due to not meeting the minimum safety standards. Illicit money gained from these types of activities is often used to fund other criminal activities.”